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10 Reasons Why Good Architecture Is Important (2023)

Did you know that the buildings we surround ourselves with can affect our physical and mental health? From inspiring creativity to diminishing stress, there are many reasons why good architecture is important.

In this article, we take a look at 10 reasons why good architecture is important from personal to financial.

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What Does Good Mean?

What exactly is good architecture? It depends on whom you ask, as there are so many different types of buildings out there. Some are small and simple, while others are large and complex. Ultimately, it all comes down to perception. What is important for one person may not be important for another. The same goes for what’s considered good architecture versus bad architecture—it just depends on who you ask and how they perceive a building’s aesthetic value.

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Here are the 10 Importances of Architecture

1) History

There’s an argument to be made that architecture is more important now than it ever has been. Modern technologies are enabling architects to design impossible structures, and our cities are becoming increasingly dense. Architects—as well as anyone who works in urban development—need to make sure they understand how important their work is, and how it can improve people’s lives and create long-lasting social change.

2) Preservation

While no building lasts forever, good architecture tends to last longer. When a building is considered historically important, its architecture can be preserved and restored, offering a new lease on life that preserves its look and quality. In other words, it’s easier to preserve beautiful (and good) architecture than ugly (and bad) architecture.

A prime example of preservation at work: The Chicago Building is an early 20th-century office tower located in downtown Chicago that once boasted many Art Deco details. After being abandoned for years, The Chicago Building was bought by developers who have painstakingly restored it to its former glory. This building has been saved from a fate worse than death—demolition—and now serves as an inspiration for future generations of architects and designers.

3) Economy

In today’s economy, architects are experiencing a career boom. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of architects is expected to grow faster than average in both 2014 and 2024.

That’s good news for those interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in architecture or a graduate degree in architecture. A good job outlook combined with high median salaries make architecture an attractive career choice. But there are many more reasons why good architecture is important.

4) Community

Modern architecture has been taking a backseat to other arts, such as sculpture and painting. However, it is important to remember that most of these modern creations are built with people in mind, and if they are going to be around for hundreds of years we should make sure they are well constructed by skilled professionals.

Think about all of these buildings being around in 500 years: The White House. The Taj Mahal. Notre Dame Cathedral.

5) Aesthetics

One of architecture’s most important features is its aesthetics. Even public buildings that serve largely functional purposes, such as schools and banks, need to be built with attention to beauty in order to get people excited about them.

In fact, aesthetics are so important that architecture often takes into account an area’s existing architectural culture—modern buildings wouldn’t fit into historical neighborhoods, for example.

6) Health, Wellbeing, and Quality of Life

When you visit a town or city, what do you look at? The history and architecture? Maybe. But that doesn’t describe most people. Most people care about how comfortable they are in a building and how much it affects their overall wellbeing, comfort, and quality of life.

When you invest in good architecture, you’re investing in your residents’ health, happiness, and productivity. That’s important for any place to live or work.

7) Environment and Conservation

By designing sustainably, you’re considering all elements of a structure to ensure that it functions well and performs its function for as long as possible. When building in an urban area, good architects design their structures with conservation in mind—not just for your own benefit but for everyone else’s, too.

After all, preserving natural resources helps maintain our quality of life and makes sure there is still clean air and safe drinking water in generations to come.

8) Education and Job Creation

Architecture provides jobs. Architectural firms are responsible for an estimated 824,000 jobs and $14 billion in wages each year (source). While architecture is no longer a protected profession like it once was, being an architect is still one of the highest-paid professions out there.

In fact, architects earn over 60% more than people with a bachelor’s degree only (source). Note that architect here refers to professional architects—not just anyone who wants to design their own home.

9) Popularity and Importance in Pop Culture

In recent years, pop culture has shed light on architecture in a number of ways. High-Rise, a movie based on J.G. Ballard’s 1975 novel of the same name, depicts both mass chaos and architectural brutality in its portrayal of an isolated urban society devoid of laws or rules.

 10. Creating flow

It’s not easy to design a building. Architects must ensure that a building’s “flow” is appropriate – that it makes sense to move around in it. According to this RIBA report, a good flow makes life more efficient.

A well-designed hospital, for example, ensures that patients receive fast treatment. A well-designed school makes learning easier. Workplaces with good architecture are more productive.

Conclusions on the Importance of architecture

Many people believe architects don’t receive enough credit in the general public.

Think about what the buildings around you are trying to accomplish as a designer. Would they succeed in achieving their goals? What effects might they have on your life?

The job of an architect isn’t easy. There’s a lot to consider -and a lot of pressure. But it isn’t a thankless job. Don’t be afraid to connect with the creative spirit and innovative spark that enhances our environments and lives

Hope you like your blog about 10 reasons why good architecture is important. What do you think?

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