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External link policy

https://www.Archvisual.studio links to other, external web sites that provide information we determine at our discretion contain the most useful information for our program. While many sites provide very useful information, https://www.Archvisual.studio only links to those sites which provide the most useful content. These links may be changed at any time as more useful sites come to our attention. 

The sole purpose of any external link is to enrich this site for our customers. All requests for inclusion of a link on this site is first and primarily evaluated with the needs of our customers in mind. Generally, external web sites do not meet the purposes of https://www.Archvisual.studio if they contain, suggest, or infer any of the following:

Advocacy of or opposition to any politically, environmentally, or socially controversial subjects, issues, or candidates. Disparaging or promoting any person or class of persons. 

External content not suitable for readers or viewers of all ages, or links to or other promotion of businesses whose products or services are not suitable for persons of all ages. Promoting or inciting illegal, violent, or socially undesirable conduct. Promotion or availability of alcohol or tobacco products. Promotion or availability of illegal drugs. 

Promotion or availability of adult or sexually oriented entertainment or materials. Promotion, opposition, or availability of weapons. Promotion, opposition, or availability of gambling. Claims of efficacy, suitability, desirability, or other non-objective statements about businesses, products, or services. Content that infringes on any trademark, copyright, or patent rights of another. 

Claims or representations in violation of advertising or consumer protection laws. Content that a reasonable citizen may not consider to maintain the dignity and decorum appropriate for government.

This list is a nonexclusive list. The external link policy applies only to web sites outside https://www.Archvisual.studio The webmaster shall establish procedures to monitor the implementation and continuing oversight of this policy. 

These procedures shall include a process for review of all new requests for external content links from https://www.Archvisual.studio Web page to another page to ensure compliance with this policy prior to granting the request. 

Each request for such a link shall be evaluated using the following guidelines: Is the content relevant? Does the site provide information or services, which are not already available or linked to on https://www.Archvisual.studio If not, is the quality of the site comparable to or better than what is already provided?

Is the site well-designed, easy to use, cross-browser compliant, and accessible to people with disabilities? https://www.Archvisual.studio reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without explanation, to withdraw at any time any external content for any reason.

Arch Visual Studio does not, expressly or impliedly, warrant, guarantee, or make any representation concerning the use, suitability, and usability of use results of use or inability to use the products and services on its Website nor does it endorse the accuracy of links, coupon codes, or any deals on this Website or any products and services or their usability, reliability, suitability, quality, price competitiveness, completeness, merchantability and suitability for your need and requirements.  Arch Visual Studio does not guarantee or warrant the information or deal posted on the Website by the users may lack authenticity. 

Any information, deal, product, or service provided may contain inaccuracies and/or typographical errors. By offering products and services of various merchants and brands no recommendation or inducement is made or advice is given in any manner to purchase such products and services. 

Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to construe as shopping advice or inducement to shop a particular brand or use a particular shopping platform. Your purchase or order booking shall be at your sole discretion and decision shall be subject to the terms and conditions of such brands, merchants, and dealers. 

Any information or data available is provided only on an “as is where is the basis” and “with all fault and are on the best effort basis” without any responsibility or an obligation on the part of  Arch Visual Studio to check or provide accurate and reliable information regarding the products and services. The user assumes the entire risk with respect to the use, results of such use, in terms of usability, reliability, quality, price competitiveness, completeness, merchantability, and suitability of the products and services for a particular purpose. 

The user waives his or her right to make any claim based on the detrimental effects or results of any reliance placed by the user on any information or data made available by  Arch Visual Studio. All the proprietary rights, statutory or otherwise contained in the information received, downloaded, or used by the user/visitor of this Website shall remain in the exclusive property of  Arch Visual Studio. 

Any reproduction, redistribution, or transmission, for consideration or otherwise, of any such information contained in the  Arch Visual Studio Website is strictly prohibited and any attempt in that regard would constitute a breach of the laws of India. Use of this Website shall be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions and all amendments from time to time and the User shall not be entitled to claim that he/she was not aware of the same. The development of the  Arch Visual Studio Website with respect to the nature of the information or data available on the Website is a continuous and on-going process.  

Arch Visual Studio does not assume or purport to assume any responsibility or liability to the user for failure or inability of the user to access or use the website for any purpose. Published information or data available on the Website may not be current or up to date for any purpose.  

Arch Visual Studio Website is not to be and should not be construed as purporting to offer any information, products, or services to citizens of such jurisdictions whose laws conflict with, differ from, or provide higher requirements than those necessitated by the laws of India.  Arch Visual Studio website may contain links to other websites operated by parties other than  Arch Visual Studio. 

Arch Visual Studio is not responsible for the contents of or information offered by any linked website, any link contained in a linked website, or any changes or updates to such websites. 

Inclusion of such a link on the website does not imply any degree of endorsement by  Arch Visual Studio, regarding the quality of the information provided or the nature of content by such a linked website or any changes or updates to such websites.