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Our Architectural Animation Studio provides immersive 3D Animations Videos that will allow your real estate clients to visualize your architectural work in 3D

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3D animation brings to life architectural concepts and designs using specialized software. It involves 3D modeling of objects to be pictured, building and texturing the scene, rendering lots of images which then will be shown in a single sequence

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CGI 3D Architectural Animations Services

The result is a photorealistic computer-generated video as static slideshows and dynamic 3D videos.

Depending on the design featured, these can be divided into

  1. Architectural 3d animation services for residential, commercial, infrastructure, and industrial objects.
  2. 3D animations showing exterior, interior design, and both.

Photoreal 3D animations get more attention on social media and attract more traffic than static pictures. Animations generate more value because they immerse the audience into the scene, and make them engage with the idea on a deeper level.

We are one of the top 3D Animation Studios in Houston, Texas. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in providing the best 3D Architectural Animation & 3D Rendering Services Provider company in the USA

What is 3D Architectural Animation in Real Estate Marketing?

3D architectural animation is the next big thing in real estate marketing. It allows buyers to see a realistic, 3-dimensional rendering of a property before it is even built! This can help increase sales by giving buyers a better understanding of what the property will look like.

3D architectural animation can also be used to create virtual tours of properties, which can be very helpful for people who are looking to buy a home or commercial property from afar. If you are looking for an edge over your competition, consider using 3D architectural animation services to market your real estate properties!

Benefits of 3D Architect Animations & Flythrough Animations in Construction and Real Estate

  1. Presenting the construction projects in detail:
    3D Animation videos help you to explain your project details in a more comprehensive way. That helps your client understand how the property or project will look even before construction begins.

    It also gives customers an insightful view of the property’s features. Other components may include walls, eaves, roofs, lighting, ceramic tile, and textures.
  2. Easy to use and share:
    Videos of architectural animation are usually in movie formats, such as MPEG, and AVI, so they can be used and shared with ease. You can also use these videos in your presentation to explain the project in more detail and crack the deal.

    In addition, customers don’t have to visit your office to view the listing. You can simply share the Animation architectural video with interested parties
  3. Complete visualization of the project:
    Because a 2D/3D plan is unable to resonate with everyone, you can use 3D architectural animations to help your customers visualize your designs.
  4. Improving the interior styles and layout:
     Architectural 3D Animation videos will also help you in designing the interior of buildings and showcase them to your future customer in a more effective way.
  5. Finalizing the model setup: 
    When you use 3D animation in architecture, you will save time and money since you won’t have to work on creating the physical model as soon as the requirements are received
3D Architectural Animation Services by arch visual studio


These are used by Architects and Developers in a variety of ways – making presentations, advertisements, outreach, communication with clients, filling portfolios, promoting their services on social media and other online platforms.

Our team of Graphic designers and 3D artists start off with developing 3D models based on the input received from the client. We build a scene in which they put details according to a certain composition. Then, we assign materials and textures, set lighting and camera movement/animation and start the rendering process. We start off with developing a preview video which is shared with the client for approval purposes before developing the final animation.

We work with models created in Archicad, Revit, Rhino, and Grasshopper and accept the commonly used file formats like .max, .fbx, .3ds, .skp, .dwg, .obj and many more. Please reach out to us on [email protected] or fill out our Free Quote form. We respond to all requests within 1-2 business days.

3D Architectural Animation is an excellent tool & asset for architects, developers, and real estate builders.

 There are tons of benefits to 3D Architectural Animation Video in 2022. Following are 

  1. Use their ready-made video to promote their project
  2. Showcase project to clients & stakeholders
  3. Promote their project on Social Media before actual construction begins
  4. Show Real Estate Buyers of future projects in 3D that helps them to understand how the actuarial rooms, house, or project will look like.
  5. Find mistakes in architects’ designs before construction begins & it saves a lot of money.

You can use 3D architectural animation to present the project to a client, post-Digital Marketing material, and pitch to investors.

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