12 Best Construction Companies in Houston TX (2024)

Best Construction Companies In Houston TX

Boasting a dynamic blend of cultural diversity and economic vitality, Houston stands as a vibrant metropolis in the heart of Texas.

The city’s allure extends beyond its renowned energy industry and space exploration contributions, making it an increasingly favoured destination for both residents and businesses. 

For those seeking construction partners to shape their commercial or residential dreams, we present a carefully curated list of the finest construction companies in Houston, Texas.

Selected for their impeccable work quality, accolades, media recognition, and industry affiliations, these firms redefine the art of construction.

12 Best Construction Companies in Houston TX

1. McCarthy Building Companies: Building America for 150 Years

McCarthy Building Companies

Embarking on a legacy that spans 150 years, McCarthy Building Companies stands as a beacon of construction prowess, woven into the fabric of America. Led by President Bryan Kuster, McCarthy’s commitment to delivering the highest quality and job-site safety shines through.

With a portfolio encompassing healthcare, education, commercial, and more, McCarthy exceeds expectations on complex projects, embodying tradition and innovation.

Why Choose McCarthy Building Companies?

Choose McCarthy for a legacy of excellence, from early design to project completion. The team’s dedication to quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness ensures an unparalleled construction journey.

2. The Beck Group: Pioneering Architecture and Construction Integration

The Beck Group

Established in 1912, The Beck Group is a trailblazer, seamlessly blending architecture, construction, sustainability, and technology. Matt Williamson oversees the Austin office, leading multidisciplinary teams to swift and efficient project delivery. The firm’s groundbreaking designs and accolades from industry organizations attest to its commitment to progressive evolution and superior results.

Why Choose The Beck Group?

Opt for The Beck Group to experience an award-winning fusion of architecture and construction, where creative thinking meets client needs at every stage.

3. Joeris General Contractors: 53 Years of Trust and Excellence

Joeris General Contractors

Address: 19350 State Hwy 249, Suite #110, Houston, TX 77070

Rooted in Leo Joeris’ principle of building trust, Joeris General Contractors has thrived for over 53 years. Under CEO Gary Joeris, the firm’s commitment to trust resonates with communities and corporate clients alike. Gary’s induction into the San Antonio Business Hall of Fame reflects his legacy of success, community leadership, and dedication to South Texas youth.

Why Choose Joeris General Contractors?

Select Joeris for a construction journey founded on trust, integrity, and a proven track record of successful projects spanning over five decades.

4. W. S. Bellows Construction: 100 Years of Building Houston’s Legacy

W. S. Bellows Construction

Address: 1906 Afton St. Houston, TX 77055

For a century, W. S. Bellows Construction has shaped Houston’s skyline, contributing to iconic structures like the San Jacinto Monument and Texas Children’s Hospital. Led by CEO Laura Bellows, the firm’s commitment to quality, integrity, and being Houston’s largest woman-owned general contractor defines its enduring legacy.

Why Choose W. S. Bellows Construction?

Opt for W. S. Bellows Construction to be part of a century-long legacy, where family values, client service, and employee appreciation drive success.

5. DPR Construction: Tailored Excellence Since 1997

DPR Construction

Address: 3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite #1550, Houston, TX 77027

Founded in 1997, DPR Construction specializes in large-scale projects, customizing solutions for diverse industries. Under the leadership of Nils Blomquist, the firm excels in strategic solutions, incorporating sustainable elements and innovative designs. Awards from the U.S. Green Building Council and ENR attest to DPR’s commitment to exceptional value.

Why Choose DPR Construction?

Choose DPR for a construction partner that tailors solutions to your needs, incorporating sustainability and innovative design for unparalleled value.

6. VCC USA: Crafting Success Across All Fronts


Address: 7906 N Sam Houston Pkway W, Suite #201, Houston, TX 77064

VCC USA, a general contracting construction management firm licensed in all 50 states, stands as a versatile force in construction. Led by John Davenport, the firm excels in new builds and renovations across diverse project types. Its adaptability to client specifications and project requirements has garnered press recognition and showcased its diverse project successes.

Why Choose VCC USA?

Embrace VCC for a construction partner with a proven track record of success, spanning retail, multifamily, hospitality, healthcare, education, and more.

7. Sims Luxury Builders: Crafting Iconic Homes Since 1988

Sims Luxury Builders

Address: 4665 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite #106, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Sims Luxury Builders, formerly Christopher Sims Custom Homes, has etched a transcendent reputation in custom home building. Serving Greater Houston, the firm, underpinned by a professional and collaborative team, has built award-winning homes spanning various styles and sizes for over three decades.

Why Choose Sims Luxury Builders?

Select Sims Luxury Builders for an unmatched custom home building experience, marked by outstanding architectural design and unwavering quality.

8. Matt Powers Custom Homes & Renovations: Blending Tradition with Modern Expertise

Matt Powers Custom Homes & Renovations

Address: 8505 Technology Forest Pl. Suite #102, The Woodlands, TX 77381

Matt Powers Custom Homes & Renovations, led by founder Matt Powers, seamlessly integrates old-world craftsmanship with modern construction technology. With a focus on integrity, expertise, and green building techniques, the firm offers comprehensive home building, interior design, remodelling, and real estate services.

Why Choose Matt Powers?

Partner with Matt Powers for a holistic construction experience, where specialized craftsmen and award-winning architects collaborate to bring your vision to life.

9. Greymark Construction: Transforming Houses into Homes

Greymark Construction

Address: 1207 Bingham St. Houston, TX 77007

Greymark Construction Company, a woman-operated and woman-owned firm led by Kelly Kirk, goes beyond conventional remodelling. Specializing in design, remodels, and new home construction, Greymark’s mission is to turn every client’s house into a true home. Affiliated with NAHB and boasting an A+ BBB rating, the firm is a testament to dedication and quality.

Why Choose Greymark Construction?

Opt for Greymark for a unique remodeling experience, where a woman-led team strives to make every space feel like home.

10. On Point Custom Homes: Setting the Standard in Custom Home Building

On Point Custom Homes

Address: 940 Corbindale Rd. Houston, TX 77024

On Point Custom Homes, a local and national standout in custom home building and remodelling offers a full-service design-build experience. Led by Earl Correll, the firm’s expert team of architects, designers, and construction professionals ensures a unique and beautiful floor plan tailored to diverse buyer preferences.

Why Choose On Point Custom Homes?

Choose On Point for a custom home building and remodelling experience that sets the standard, marked by expert design knowledge and innovative building approaches.

11. Divine Renovation: Award-Winning Remodeling Expertise

Divine Renovation

Address: 4928 Fulton St. Unit C, Houston, TX 77009

A division of Divine Destinations Inc., Divine Renovation stands as Houston’s award-winning, full-service remodelling company. With a comprehensive range of remodelling services and affiliations with esteemed industry organizations, Divine Renovation excels in delivering successful home improvement projects.

Why Choose Divine Renovation?

Opt for Divine Renovation for an award-winning remodeling experience, where a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives every project.

12. Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes: Crafting Dream Spaces in 3D

Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes

Address: 2434 Robinhood St. Suite B, Houston, TX 77005

Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes, a design-build company passionate about creating dream spaces, specializes in large remodelling projects and new construction. Founded by Ross Huthmacher, the firm utilizes 3D design technology to bring clients’ dream spaces to life before construction begins.

Why Choose Ashwood Designs?

Select Ashwood Designs for a visual and communicative construction experience, where 3D design fosters creative communication and ensures the realization of dream spaces.


1. How do I choose the right construction company for my project in Houston, TX?

Choosing the right construction company involves assessing your project needs, budget, and timeline. Consider factors such as the company’s experience, portfolio, client reviews, and industry certifications. Ask for recommendations, and request quotes from multiple firms to make an informed decision tailored to your specific requirements.

2. What types of construction projects do these Houston-based companies typically handle?

The construction companies in Houston, TX, featured in our list, excel in a diverse range of projects, including commercial, residential, healthcare, education, and more. Their portfolios showcase expertise in new builds, renovations, custom homes, and large-scale commercial constructions. Contact the companies directly to discuss your project scope and determine their suitability.

3. How can I get a cost estimate for my construction project in Houston?

To get a cost estimate, reach out to the construction companies directly. They typically offer free consultations where you can discuss your project details. Provide a clear outline of your requirements, budget constraints, and any specific considerations. The construction professionals will assess your needs and provide a detailed cost estimate based on the scope of work.

4. What is the average timeline for a construction project in Houston, TX?

The timeline for a construction project varies based on its complexity, size, and scope. Factors such as weather conditions, permit approvals, and material availability also contribute to project duration. During your initial consultations, discuss the expected timeline with the construction companies, ensuring alignment with your project goals and deadlines.

5. How can I ensure my construction project complies with local regulations in Houston?

Ensuring compliance with local regulations is crucial for any construction project. Reputable construction companies are well-versed in local building codes and regulations. They will guide you through the permitting process, obtain necessary approvals, and ensure that your project meets all legal requirements. Collaborate closely with your chosen construction company to address any regulatory concerns and maintain a smooth project timeline.

Concluding Thoughts

In the dynamic landscape of Houston’s construction industry, these premier firms stand as pillars of excellence, each bringing a unique approach to design, construction, and client satisfaction.

As you embark on your construction journey, we hope you find inspiration and confidence in selecting a partner from this distinguished list. Discover the possibilities, redefine your spaces, and build your dreams with the best in Houston’s construction arena.

Hope you’ve found the best construction partner for your project in Houston, TX through our comprehensive guide.

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