11 The Best Interior Designers In Houston TX (2024)

The Best Interior Designers In Houston TX

Welcome to the vibrant world of design excellence in the heart of Texas – Houston. In a city known for its rich cultural diversity and architectural tapestry, interior designers play a pivotal role in shaping spaces that resonate with sophistication, innovation, and a distinct Texan charm. 

Join us on a journey through the top 11 interior designers in Houston, where creativity knows no bounds, and each designer brings a unique touch to the canvas of interiors

11 The Best Interior Designers In Houston TX

#1 Decoré | Gerty Portillo


Why Choose Them:

Decoré | Gerty Portillo, led by Certified Interior Designer Gerty Portillo, offers a unique blend of expertise in fabrics and colour coordination. With a collaborative design philosophy, Portillo and her team excel in creating sophisticated and elegant interiors for both residential and commercial spaces.

Founded in 2010, Decoré is the brainchild of Gerty Portillo, a Certified Interior Designer with roots in Guatemala. Specializing in fabrics and colour coordination, Portillo has completed projects in various Houston areas, including The Woodlands, Katy, and Magnolia.

The firm’s showcase project, a home collaboration with Julee Ireland, exemplifies their commitment to a sophisticated neutral palette, elegant design elements, and attention to detail.

#2 Wendt Design Group

Wendt Design Group

Why Choose Them:

Wendt Design Group, headed by Principal Designer Amilee Wendt, stands out for its extensive experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, and large estate projects. With a seven-step approach to client collaboration, the firm brings creativity and innovation to transform spaces into unique and modern environments.

Established in 1975, the Wendt Design Group, under the leadership of Amilee Wendt, has garnered recognition with ASID Gold and Silver Awards.

Their transformation of a post-industrial Midtown Loft into a modern bachelor pad showcases the firm’s ability to infuse cool grey tones, vintage furniture, and playful bathroom designs.

The American Society of Interior Designers Showhouse project further highlights Wendt Design Group’s creativity, featuring distinctive designs and vibrant elements.

#3 Marker Girl

Marker Girl

Why Choose Them:

Marker Girl, founded by Karen Davis, sets itself apart with a focus on “family-friendly” design. Emphasizing sturdy furnishings and fabrics, Davis brings a wealth of experience, having studied at the Paris American Academy. The firm offers one-day design consultations and full renovations, catering to areas like Sugar Land, Woodlands, Cypress, and Katy.

Marker Girl, under the leadership of Karen Davis, showcases a commitment to family-friendly design. Davis’s master bedroom makeover, featured on the Marker Girl blog, exemplifies her design approach, emphasizing personalized touches and creating spaces that balance style and practicality.

The Katy home project reflects Marker Girl’s family-friendly style with Sunbrella-upholstered furnishings and stain-resistant elements.

#4 Dodson Interiors

Dodson Interiors

Why Choose Them:

Dodson Interiors, founded by Julie Dodson, brings together a unique combination of “casual glamour” style and a commitment to supporting breast cancer research. With a Paper City Design Award, the firm’s designs reflect a blend of sophistication and relaxed elegance.

Julie Dodson, mentored by her mother, founded Dodson Interiors with a distinctive “casual glamour” style. The firm’s accolades include a Paper City Design Award for a bedroom entry characterized by a soothing beige-and-white palette. 

Dodson’s European flair is evident in the Houston Mansion project featured in Luxe magazine, showcasing a mix of modern and traditional elements. The firm actively contributes to the Pink Ribbon Project, reflecting its commitment to social responsibility.

#5 Pamela Hope Designs

Pamela Hope Designs

Why Choose Them:

Pamela Hope Designs stands out for its unique combination of design expertise and a background that includes studying French and Italian, as well as working for the U.S. Customs Service. With a portfolio showcasing a range of awards, including the ASID Ruby Awards and Houston Design Center Leader in Design, Pamela O’Brien’s firm offers a distinctive and well-rounded approach to interior design.

Pamela Hope Designs, founded in 1999, reflects Pamela O’Brien’s diverse background. The firm’s notable projects include the renovation of the former Star Bottling Works building, where historic photos were integrated into the design. Pamela Hope Designs also worked on a “Manplex” in Fort Bend County, creating an entertainment space tailored for a sports fan.

#6 Lucas/Eilers Design Associates

Why Choose Them:

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates, founded by Sandra Drews Lucas and Sarah Brooks Eilers, offers a thoughtful approach to design with meticulous attention to detail. With an impressive array of ASID Design Awards and Ruby Awards, the firm is known for its personalized touch, creating spaces that reflect the unique tastes and preferences of its clients.

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates’ projects showcase a commitment to personalisation. The firm commissioned a local art piece made from antique rolling pins for a client’s home in the Memorial neighbourhood, adding a unique touch. 

Another project involved a renovation of Sandra Drews Lucas’s own house in Tanglewood, featuring artistic elements like a drink-serving island covered in Texas Lueders limestone.

#7 Jane Page Design Group

Jane Page Design Group

Why Choose Them:

Jane Page Design Group, led by Jane-Page Crump and Ashley Tisius, stands out for its focus on high-end commercial and residential design. With a track record of winning ASID Design Awards and Prime Living Reader’s Choice for Best Interior Designer, the firm brings a wealth of experience and expertise to luxury design projects.

The Jane Page Design Group’s projects reflect sophistication and opulence. For a private residence on a golf course in Montgomery, the firm created an extravagant home with a light, natural theme, carefully chosen materials, and attention to detail. 

In contrast, their design for the offices of Latin Specialties focused on functionality with clear, rectangular desks and green accents.

#8 William W. Stubbs & Associates

William W. Stubbs & Associates

Why Choose Them:

William W. Stubbs, a celebrated architect, brings a dynamic and energetic approach to interior design. With recognition on the AD 100 list of the world’s top designers and architects and a diverse portfolio of awards, including the IIDA Outstanding Design Award, the firm is synonymous with luxury and creativity.

William W. Stubbs & Associates’ projects exemplify luxury and attention to detail. In the renovation of a family mansion in River Oaks, Stubbs created a luxurious space for entertaining, blending Old World English and French country styles. 

Another project involved downsizing a 12,000-square-foot “classic Texas Mansion,” showcasing Stubbs’ expertise in selecting and relocating valuable artwork and furnishings.

#9 Laura U Interior Design

Laura U Interior Design

Why Choose Them:

Laura U Interior Design, led by Laura Umansky, is known for its “classically current” philosophy. With recognition on Luxe magazine’s National Gold List, ASID Ruby Award, and Design Society International Design & Architecture Award, the firm brings a timeless yet contemporary approach to interior design.

Laura U Interior Design’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in projects like Studio U, an innovative retail experiment that offered clients an interactive design experience. The firm’s design of a Galveston Beach Home showcased an airy and natural feel, emphasizing Umansky’s ability to create spaces that are cozy, warm, and based on conceptual themes.

#10 Ginger Barber Interior Design

Ginger Barber Interior Design

Why Choose Them:

Ginger Barber Interior Design, founded by Ginger Barber, emphasizes simplicity and natural, relaxing colours. With accolades such as Paper City Design Awards and Houston Design Center Designer of the Year, the firm is recognized for creating homes with comfort and timeless elegance.

Ginger Barber Interior Design’s projects showcase a love for simplicity and natural elements. In a hilltop hideaway project, the firm created a residence reminiscent of an English country estate, incorporating antique furnishings and cozy sitting areas. The Galveston Bayfront Home reflected a Texas-style weekend getaway with whitewashed wood and reclaimed elements.

#11 Paloma Contreras Design

Paloma Contreras Design

Why Choose Them:

Paloma Contreras Design, led by Paloma Contreras, brings a fresh and influential perspective to interior design. With recognition as one of Forbes’ top influencers and awards like the Design Bloggers Conference Best Overall Design Blog Award, Contreras combines her design expertise with a strong online presence.

Paloma Contreras Design’s projects, including the Cinco Ranch home design featured in Luxe magazine, showcase Contreras’ ability to curate spaces that are carefully balanced and visually striking. Her blog, La Dolce Vita, provides insights into her personal design choices, making her approachable and relatable to a wide audience.

Final Thoughts: 

As we conclude our exploration of Houston’s interior design scene, we hope you’ve found the perfect inspiration for transforming your space. The city’s design landscape, enriched by the contributions of these talented professionals, reflects a tapestry of innovation and style. 

Whether you seek timeless elegance, family-friendly aesthetics, or modern sophistication, Houston has it all. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the best interior designers in Houston, TX. We hope you’ve found the ideal partner to bring your design dreams to life.

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