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Get high-quality 3D architectural visualizations & rendering services for all types of projects

Forget about low-quality 3D architectural visualizations and renderings. Here at Arch Visual Studio, we deliver only the best 3D rendering services available. Simply click below for a free quote.

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The best way to visualize the exterior and interior style of your home or commercial space is through 3D Rendering Services. We strive at Arch Visual Studio to help you find the ideal solution to your architectural visualization needs, no matter what they may be.

We can help you with low-cost and flexible services as well as modern technology to get precisely what you want, from 3D models of custom-designed homes to accurate floor plans of office buildings. Check out our portfolio to view some of our latest work!


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We have purchased their 3D Exterior Rendering service for our ready-made architecture designs. This guy has provided incredible 3D Rendered Images with fast delivery. They delivered what they promised. Highly Recommend Arch Visual Studio.

John Doe

Property Developer

Great work Arch Visual Studio and thanks to Rajesh Ambati owner. We purchased 3D Interior Rendering services for one of our projects. Interior Rendered Images are extremely high-quality. They delivered high-quality work beyond our expectations. 

Jessica Smith

Principal Architect, California

We purchased 3D Walkthrough animation services from arch visual studio. Great work, fast delivery, and affordable pricing. We are now a regular client of arch visual studio. Great work and keep it up.

Steve Rogers

Architect Design Manager, California

3D Rendering & Visualization Services Demand in California

In the western U.S., California stretches nearly 900 miles along the Pacific Ocean from the Mexican border. It is known for its impressive architecture. 

In California, many buildings and projects are constructed and then redeveloped by architects. In addition to the extra costs and time needed to alter the design after the building is constructed, it isn’t prudent to construct an asset if it isn’t possible to visualize how it will look at completion. 

The 3D Visualization and Rendering are already in the picture at the moment. You can see your property at every angle with our 3D pictures and walkthroughs. You can save many thousands of dollars this way.

We’re also located in Los angles, if you want to get in touch & reach out to us in 3d rendering services in Los Angeles then visit here.

Architectural Visualization & 3D Rendering Studio

3D Exterior Rendering Services

Exterior rendering is also called 3d exterior rendering or photorealistic rendering and can refer to what most people commonly refer to as high-quality rendering. Exterior renderings are highly used in architecture, landscaping, and other related professions. Exterior renderings (also known as photo-realistic renderings) can be of homes, apartments, buildings, retail stores, restaurants, etc.

The goal of an exterior rendering is to create a realistic representation of your new home or building with some specific traits such as color schemes, landscaping, and other visual elements.

3D Interior Visualization Portfolio

3D Interior Rendering Services

Our team of expert architects, designers and 3d rendering experts has years of experience providing our clients with professional 3d interior design rendering services. Our work is truly unique and provides value to our clients in multiple ways. We are committed to creating a space that’s both beautiful and functional for your home or office.

We provide you with a range of options for creating floor plans, 3d renderings, renovation plans, construction drawings and furniture layouts. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we create stunningly realistic visuals that will take your breath away!

3D Architectural Animation & Walkthrough Services

Walkthrough and fly-through are two of our specialties. As part of your service, we can work directly with a client. We offer 3D walkthrough services starting at $500. You don’t have a design ready yet? Please contact us, there is no charge to review your plans and give you an estimate on how much it will cost and how long it will take to complete.

For larger projects, we also provide 3D Architectural Animation services which start at $100 per minute plus design charges if needed. Again, no design? No problem! We will happily provide an estimate on any size project and give recommendations as to what would be best for your needs without additional cost.

architect floor plan

3D Floor Plan Rendering Services

Imagine rendering your space that conveys character, mood, and style. The advantage is that our architecture visualization makes it simple to envision exactly how your space will look before it’s built, so you can bring your vision to life in 3D.

With us, you won’t have to picture it — you’ll see it. Our skilled team uses state-of-the-art software and hardware to create models and renderings of each project we take on, ensuring that clients can visualize their future spaces in advance of construction. We provide services for residential designs as well as commercial spaces including shopping malls, hospitals, offices & hotels.

3D Product Rendering Services Prices

3D Product Rendering Services

Exterior rendering is also called 3d exterior rendering or photorealistic rendering and can refer to what most people commonly refer to as a high-quality render. Exterior renderings are highly used in architecture, real estate, landscaping, and other related professions. Exterior renderings (also known as photo-realistic renderings) can be of homes, apartments, buildings, retail stores, restaurants, etc.

The goal of an exterior rendering is to create a realistic representation of your new home or building with some specific traits such as color schemes, landscaping, and other visual elements.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Services

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Services

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two distinct technologies that both offer a new level of immersion to users. When it comes to AR, you can enhance elements of your real-world surroundings by overlaying additional graphics and information on top of them. VR, on the other hand, allows you to completely immerse yourself in an artificial setting with full 360-degree access to your environment. 

At Arch Visual Studio, we use these technologies in our architectural visualization services because they allow us to recreate environments and give clients a hands-on feel for what their future project will look like. With these services, Arch Visual Studio helps business owners make better decisions about their projects before breaking ground on construction

Exterior single house visualizations

3D House Rendering Services

A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, our 3D House Rendering Services can give your property an exclusive look and make it stand out from amongst its competitors. We offer comprehensive rendering services for residential as well as commercial properties, from which you can get multiple perspectives of your property and visualize what it would look like once complete. 

Our 3D house rendering is a highly effective marketing tool that helps in drawing attention to your project and appeals to potential clients or investors. It makes people believe that they are actually looking at a real structure!

The goal of an exterior rendering is to create a realistic representation of your new home or building with some specific traits such as color schemes, landscaping, and other visual elements.

3D Arial View Rendering service of Building

3D Aerial/Bird View Renderings

Give your design team a bird’s-eye view of what your finished project will look like. You can better visualize and see if any adjustments need to be made prior to breaking ground. This can be done from virtually any angle, and we offer 2D renderings from each perspective (top, side, and front). 

These kinds of renderings are popular for multi-family housing or commercial development sites where clear views are necessary for planning purposes. They can also convey scale at a glance to help give perspective on how big or small something really is. If you have been thinking about 3D rendering services in California contact us today!

Complete Drone Product Visualization & Rendering

3D Modeling Services

3D modeling is a fast and cost-effective way to create accurate architectural renderings that truly represent your vision. Whether you’re looking for traditional architectural renderings or more advanced, photo-realistic visualizations, we can help you build a fantastic product. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

Benefits Of Architectural 3D Rendering Services

3D rendering is faster, better, and cheaper than real-life photography as it provides instant visuals of your project. This is essential for enhancing a product or service without any delays in time or cost. You will be able to visualize your idea before building it at your own convenience and expense..

  1. Advertising: Building construction 3D Renderings help agencies build a strong marketing campaign before, during, and after construction
  2. Ongoing Marketing: Property development companies can create 3D renderings, animations, 3D virtual floor plans, and 3D virtual tours to use in ongoing marketing campaigns from the comfort of their offices.
  3. Achieving Permits and the Approval of Local Bodies: For any development project near the property you are seeking to develop, you may need a permit from the local body or council. Depending on where you intend to develop the property, the council may require your plans to be presented to them for permits
  4. Reducing Development Costs: The cost of design errors can be high, so you should find out what ones you have already made before you begin construction. Renderings of architecture reduce delays and overruns by helping stakeholders spot errors earlier
  5. No Need For Multiple People: With 3D rendering services you don’t need more than one professional to carry out your work. Even if there are multiple professionals required to complete your design they can all get together on one platform with no problem whatsoever. It saves money, space, and energy that would have otherwise been spent traveling from office to office.
  6.  Immersive Experience: A photorealistic architectural render brings an immersive experience that is much superior to what can be offered by photographs alone due to its enhanced features like shadows and lightning which makes images look even closer than reality itself. 
    Due to these key aspects, many businesses around the world today prefer using 3D architecture renders to showcase their products because these virtual images help them gain quick credibility among clients and investors without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring an architect whose job usually ends up being held back by excessive red tape when attempting to bring projects into fruition
  7. Improve Relationship: If you can show your client how your product looks in 3D, it will help you develop trust and enable seamless communication during development.
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Why should you hire us for your 3D Rendering project?

If you’re in need of 3D Rendering services in California, chances are it’s a very important project for your business. Don’t trust it to just anyone: Choose us, and you won’t regret it. 3d rendering is not as simple as it sounds.

We are the #1 3D Rendering Studio with a team of highly trained architects and designers that have experience working with complicated design Real Estate 3D renderings & architecture visualizations

FAQ's About Our Services

In order to give you a price estimate and a timeline for your project, we’ll need to see drawings and sketches of your engineering design, references, photos, and any other information that will help us understand how complicated your building and surroundings are.

Additionally, we need project specific details, such as:

  • Please provide us with details like Floor Plans, Elevations, and information about the interior and exterior of your project. We are happy to receive everything you have for a project if you have an exact idea.
  • We prefer to work with the following file formats:

for plans and drawings – CAD format, pdf or any other vector format;

or ready 3D models – stl, 3ds, max, obj.

  • Target Delivery date

Depending on the information provided to us when starting a job (3D model files vs. CAD documentation), the size & complexity, the number of images, and the turnaround time, we charge anywhere between $250 and $750 per image.

Typically we work with product designers, jewelers, architects, developers, builders, contractors, real estate professionals, and interior designers. Anybody interested in our services may contact us.

In order to be a good fit for our clients, we develop a complete understanding of their needs before we begin a project. We have been providing quality renderings and models for years, and we understand the importance of having good renderings and models for a large project.

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